We pride ourselves in fostering health and wellness on a massive scale

We're passionate about health and building products that help transform people's lives.

BioBeats is a digital health and artificial intelligence business that creates corporate and personal wellness solutions. Through some of our own personal experiences we have come to understand first hand the impact of stress on health and productivity, and have made this our current focus. We have built a world-class team which includes renowned experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, wearables including battery life optimisation, cloud solutions and theoretical computer science.

At our core, we provide insights into an individual’s health and wellbeing, by tracking data from wearable and smartphone sensors. Biometric and psychometric feedback is combined with our unique machine learning algorithms, to deliver personalised stress and productivity management tools, based on clinically proven coaching techniques.

BioBeats’ solutions are based on many years of research which demonstrates that biometric markers – including skin conductance and heart rate variability – are reliable indicators of stress. Combining these measures with insights into an individual’s daily lifestyle, allows us to offer an unprecedented level of insight and support.

Dr. David Plans

CoFounder | CEO

Joined Jan, 2013

David leads BioBeats' product vision. His PhD presented evolutionary computation techniques to imitate and question human creativity. He helped build the first European merger for Open Source startups, and helped the UK's National Health Service deploy the first mobile application that lets users self-report in chronic illness. His mission in life is to create media systems that foster wellness, and he's currently using his sons as guinea-pigs.

Davide Morelli

PhD - CoFounder | CTO

Joined Jan, 2013

Davide Morelli leads the BioBeats engineering team. A specialist in the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and music, he previously ran a successful distributed software consultancy (Parser) for ten years. He is also an active composer, and his PhD focuses on energy models for algorithms that illuminate correlations.

Nadeem Kassam

Founder | Catalyst

Joined Jan, 2013

Nadeem is a wellness champion, founder of Basis Science (which sold to Intel in 2014), and the visionary behind BioBeats. He was recently inducted into StartupHealth's inaugural class of Healthcare Transformers. He has spent the better half of the last decade running Zynik Capital, which focuses on start-ups and organizations with high growth potential. He holds a B.A. from Babson College with a focus on entrepreneurship.

We're passionate about health and building products that help transform people's lives.

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