Stress isn’t going anywhere.

Let’s tackle it together. The Hear and Now app helps you to fight anxiety and track your mind and body stress using biofeedback.

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Harness your stress and reduce your anxiety

Mindfulness is hard. Hear and Now can help

We're all aware that mindfulness helps to reduce body stress and anxiety, but it's hard to know whether you're doing it right, or if it's having a positive effect. Hear and Now measures your body's response to small moments of mindful Deep Breathing. Mastering this technique will help you to relieve stress, feel calmer and more focussed.

The link between stress and chronic disease

In a study we published, we found a clear link between cardiovascular disease and people who can't switch off, or carry constant worry and stress. Hear and Now helps you listen to your body through audio and visual cues during breathing exercises. It then turns biofeedback into intuitive tools you can use to fight stress and keep healthy.

Hear and Now helps you track and understand your data in app and on web so you can understand how to tackle stress over time.

We use your phone to measure and track your stress

We use your phone's camera and flash, or your wearable, to collect your data. We then measure the complex patterns of blood flow and take a reading of your heart rate variability. From this, our platform calculates your stress and translates it for you. Our 'Pro' dashboard allows you to track this over time.

Check your body stress and take immediate action

Our 'Pro' service allows you to check your body stress at any time, without doing a breathing exercise. You can then decide whether to take action. See your body stress over time on your dashboard and use our 'Awareness' widget to gauge how well you recognise it.

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Understanding your stress

Your data will help you to understand your stress so you can change your behaviour for the better. You can track your body stress increasing and decreasing, and see how well you've done with your Deep Breathing. In time, you can build up this data to monitor your patterns and improvement.

Spot stressful days or weeks and begin to pre-empt them

Your 'Pro' calendar will mark your stress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, so you can begin to recognise your stress patterns and trends.

On seeing your stressful days/times of the day, you can set yourself reminders to breathe during these times, helping you to quickly regain focus and feel calmer.

Map your stress and breathing exercises by location

Using your 'Pro' maps you can begin to build an understanding of the locations that are most stressful for you, so you can pre-empt and manage them in the future.

Stress isn’t going anywhere, so let’s handle it better.

We all experience stressful situations. Learning how to cope with these moments and recover well afterwards is critical, as long-term stress can lead to long-term health problems. Let's work on this together.

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workers will experience a mental health problem this year*1

the average pay gap between those with mental health conditions and their peers*2

of employers agree that mental health is one of their biggest threats*3

*1 - Improving Employment Outcomes, 2016   *2 EHRC, 2017   *3 - Lovewell’s logic: Tackling the mental health pay gap, 2016

Why choose Hear and Now?


Hear and Now

By Zovija

I have a condition that causes my heart to beat much faster than it should and am very impressed with how well this lowers my heart rate. I'd recommend this app to anyone needing to de-stress or to work on anxiety or dysautomnia.


Great application! Just what I need!

By Orly85

This app is here exactly at the time that I need it to relax my mind and soul! I highly recommend it!


Works like a dream!

By RosiestGold

This app is beyond wonderful. I suffer with severe anxiety in different formats and this exercise is brilliant for calming down. Highly recommend!

Why did we build Hear and Now?

After flatlining in Brussels airport, then being brought back to life, David Plans realised that he, like many of us, wasn't taking stress seriously enough. On being given that rare chance to change, and knowing he wasn't alone in his struggle, David focused his attention on how to solve the problem for himself and others.

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